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Natural Latex

natural latex

Natural Latex: Syrup of Gods

Natural latex used in the mattress-making process is one of the sweetest gifts from nature. The natural latex mattress has so many wonderful factors that make it a great buy for pleasurable and healthy sleep. It is pleasurable because there is nothing else like it in terms of comfort and sound sleep. Those who own a natural latex mattress vouch for the fact that sleeping on one is heavenly. They generally fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and obtain the truly deep rest that is required for the body to perform optimally. It is healthy because it won’t cause off gassing, and is hypoallergenic. You don’t want to be breathing petrochemicals, or have allergic reactions to the mattress you sleep on.

Natural Latex comes from the Rubber Tree

Natural latex mattresses are created by first tapping the rubber tree and obtaining the sap that comes out of it. It takes nearly 2,500 trees and 6 hours each to get enough natural latex to make a queen size bed. Nature is giving a great gift here, but keep in mind that the trees are in no way harmed, continuing their growth normally thereafter. After the natural latex is extracted from the rubber tree, it is put into a mold to produce a latex mattress. It’s pretty much a one-step process for the Dunlop natural latex mattress, with an additional step of vacuuming out the air bubbles and freezing it for the Talalay natural latex mattress process. The Dunlop is a bit firmer, and the Talalay is on the softer side. But both can be natural latex mattresses when no synthetic materials or fillers are used.

A natural latex mattress is such an exciting asset because sleep is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Although we may not give it much thought (unless we are insomniacs), we sleep a great portion of our lives, about one-third in total. We are stationary that whole time and would do well to invest in a product that provides the best possible sleep experience. The natural latex mattress is just that – the best possible sleeping material available. Don’t be surprised when you lie down on your latex mattress and it supports you like a charm while feeling soft as a marshmallow. Your latex mattress produced from natural latex will form to the contours of your unique body and physique, a totally personalized experience. It’s a fine feeling, because your body sinks into ecstasy, alleviating any strain, both mentally and physically. What happens on a natural latex mattress is almost magical. Because it evenly distributes your body weight, you are not experiencing pointed force on any one area of your body. This creates the effect of taking off pressure from any sore spots that you may be experience. You’ll wake up pain-free, and feeling refreshed and energetic, motivated to take on the difficult tasks of the day.

Natural Latex Helps the Environment

As a natural latex mattress owner, you can feel good about your contribution to the environment. There are no carbon emissions with a natural latex mattress, and you won’t have to worry about cluttering up the ecosystem when after 20 years or so your mattress is spent. Because it is natural, your latex mattresses will biodegrade instead of staying intact for hundreds of years in a landfill. Do yourself a favor for your health, the environment, and your comfort by buying a latex mattress made of natural latex only.